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Helping Students Prepare for Careers
in Aviation and Aerospace
SHADES OF BLUE is an educational organization designed to help identify and prepare students for a career in aviation and aerospace.

America needs more students in the fields of aviation and aerospace, including aerospace engineers, pilots, educators
and scientists.

As our aerospace and aviation workforce ages and retires, we are headed for a severe deficit of American professionals in
these fields.

Shades of Blue is dedicated to sparking interest and assisting in the education and training of our youth to become our next generation of aviation and aerospace professionals.

Today's Youth
Tomorrow's Answer.

Graphic Art Courtesy of JOE JONES >>

Joe Jones, illustrator and graphic artist since 1983, is a Denver native and the owner of Art Works Studio. Joe's trail blazing digital aviation design and illustration work includes such distinguished clients as Rolls Royce, Frontier Airlines, Adidas, Carlos Santana and now, Our Shades of Blue. He is also on permanent display in the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. Joe also works with the EAA, the 8th Air Force Historical Society and the Tuskeegee Airmen Inc.
Please visit Joe Jones at

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In Memory of the Crew of Space Shuttle Columbia
Shuttle commander Rick Husband, pilot William McCool, mission specialists Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, David Brown, Michael Anderson, Laurel Clark, and Kalpana Chawla

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