Our Shades of Blue

Chapter Leaders

Nevada Chapter

Captain Joseph Rajacic, President

Phone: 775-232-9235

Email: Nevada@ourshadesofblue.org

Southern California Chapter

Captain Tony Marshall, President

Phone: 760-963-1177

Email: calif@ourshadesofblue.org

Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia Chapter

Dr. Valerie L. Thomas, President

Phone: 301-257-5824

Email: DMV@ourshadesofblue.org

Illinois Chapter

Ms. Natasha Palmer, President

Phone: 844-874-4733

Email: Illinois@ourshadesofblue.org

Colorado Chapter

Stef Petryszyn, Leader

Phone: 303-916-8840

Email: stef.shades@gmail.com

Georgia Chapter

XX XX, President

Email: Georgia@ourshadesofblue.org

Book Signing

Two opportunities!

Feb 23, 2024
6PM – 8PM

Feb 24, 2024
5PM – 7PM

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