We salute Captain Willie Daniels as he travels to Atlanta, Georgia to be the Keynote Speaker at the Monday June 15, 2015 through Saturday June 20, 2015 Aviation and Aerospace Summer Camp.  The Shades of Blue Aviation and Aerospace Ed Dwight Aviation Ground School was designed for students Grades 5-9.  Students were able to experience the flight simulator, learn about aviation science differences in aircraft flight, planning and what makes aircraft fly and stay airborne.


The Aviation Aerospace summer camp curriculum will address the following:

–  Flight and Aviation Science 

–  Introduction to Aeronautics

–  Aircraft Instruments and Controls

–  Learning to Use Map Plotter and EBG Spin Wheels

–  Introduction to Jeppesen Flight Deck APP

–  Flight Planning 

–  Computer Tools


Once again, we congratulate Captain Daniels and Dr. Freeman for their commitment to our youth.  We look forward to following your continued success.


Andre Lanier PhD